Choose a litter box cleaner and disinfect it properly


Pets are not only a joy, but also a great responsibilit […]

Pets are not only a joy, but also a great responsibility related to feeding, care and cleaning. The owner must wash the trash can once a week. Otherwise, unpleasant smells will appear in the apartment, and pets will poop on the floor, carpet or furniture. In this article, you will learn how to properly clean the cat toilet so that the house is always clean and comfortable.
How often should the tray be washed?
If you only have one pet in your household, then washing the litter box once a week is sufficient. When two cats use the toilet at a time, the frequency doubles.
However, no one canceled the dry cleaning. What else needs to be done?
Remove feces and wet blocks-1-2 times a day;

Add 1 cm of fresh stuffing every 2-3 days;
Scan (vacuum) the floor around the tray every day.
In order to clean cat litter, it is recommended to buy a special spoon with a mesh bottom. It only captures feces and wet pieces, and the clean trash is emptied back into the tray. You can buy scoops in pet shops.
Clean the litter box. Proceed as follows:
1. Put on rubber gloves and a face mask.
2. If there is feces in the trash can, scramble it up and flush down the toilet.
3. Pour the used filler into the waste bag and discard it. Some cat owners wrapped the tray in a bag immediately after washing, and a week later they folded the last one and took it out of the house. Therefore, the filler will not stick to the tray wall, which saves you a lot of trouble. The problem is that not all cats like to be hoarse when flushing into the bag in the toilet.
4. Put the trash can in the bathtub. Aim the shower hose at it, and then turn on the maximum flow of hot water.
When using the toilet, please turn off the shower. With one bite, scrape any remaining filling from the sides and bottom. Pour liquid into the toilet.
5. Add clean water to the tray. Add disinfectant. Let stand for 5-10 minutes.
6. Use the rough surface of the sponge to thoroughly clean the tray. Pour the liquid back into the toilet.
7. Rinse the trash can with clean water.