how to distinguish between good and bad plastic molds


The most worrying thing about plastic molds is how to d […]

The most worrying thing about plastic molds is how to distinguish between good and bad plastic molds? This is really a difficult point, especially in online long-distance trading. The biggest difference is that the mold is different from other products. Other products have samples. Customers can judge whether this product is the product they want through samples.

The mold is customized. After the customer determines to open the mold, it provides samples or drawings to the supplier, and then processed and produced by the supplier. The quality of the mold depends not only on the mold itself, but also on whether the products processed with the mold are qualified.

Mold itself, the first thing to see is the material of the mold. Many customers know that the mold materials shall be determined with the manufacturer before ordering the mold. The selection of mold materials is actually a selection of steel. The selection of steel is actually the selection of steel hardness and toughness. As for the mold, the greater the hardness of the selected steel, the less easy it is to wear in the production process, and the longer the service life. The longer the service life, it means that the mold can produce more products, which is a kind of saving for plastic parts manufacturers.

Secondly, it depends on whether the mold is simple and bad under normal production and maintenance, and it often needs to be repaired. We all know that simple and bad things must be bad.

In addition, see whether the products produced have flash, burr and lubricating appearance. If there are flash, burr and no lubrication, it must be bad. The injection molding manufacturer has to arrange someone to deal with the flash, which is a waste of time, manpower and material resources.

In addition, the first mock exam can be done in a few minutes, and the time for mold to be moulds. This is also the cost of injection molding manufacturers. If the mold speed is faster, the more products will be produced in a specific time, the cost of injection molding can be effectively saved.

When selecting the mold manufacturer, the mold buyer should not only consider whether the manufacturer is professional enough, but also select the mold in combination with the buyer's own actual situation.