How to improve the life of die casting mold core?


How to improve the life of die casting mold core? First […]

How to improve the life of die casting mold core?

First, material control, select high-quality die steel, and control the hardness to 46HRC during heat treatment. Don't be too hard, the harder it is, the easier it is to break.

Second, the core design, the unfavorable angle at the front end, inverted R0.25, the root has no sharp angle, and the C angle is allowed to transition with R within the size. With C angle or R to facilitate post-processing or assembly. After the easy fracture and other controls are improved, the size of the core can be shortened before post-processing. The ejection slope is within the allowable range to achieve the lower limit of the small head and the upper limit of the large head.

Third, the runner design avoids the core to avoid high temperature impact. If the diameter exceeds 16MM, cooling treatment can be added. The thermal expansion position of the contact hole is reserved for 0.15~0.20MM.

Fourth, the die-casting process is controlled, and the temperature of the molten aluminum is kept stable, avoiding sharp changes and requiring heat treatment. The spray release agent is mainly oily. When replacing a broken core, check other accessories for slight cracks, and it is recommended to replace all of them.

Fifth, count the service life of the core, and replace it when it is maintained under the permitted conditions.