How to make high precision injection mold parts?


Injection mold parts play a very important role in the […]

Injection mold parts play a very important role in the whole mold processing and manufacturing, which is an indispensable part of injection mold. For example, a thimble, when the injection mold is working, can't eject the injection molded products without it. Therefore, the design of mold parts must conform to the use of injection mold and be easy to assemble and maintain. In addition, the following points must be noted in the manufacturing process:
1. Select appropriate processing equipment. Before designing die parts, the company needs to fully consider its application in different precision equipment processing. For the machining accuracy and dimensional accuracy of die parts, please select the accuracy and rigidity of the appropriate machining equipment.
2. Selection of machining tools. Select the tool with high wear resistance and high reliability, it is suitable for high-precision machining and strengthen tool management.
3. Temperature control. Accurate temperature control for machining workshop, machine tool, etc. Enhance the training of operators on mold structure, machining characteristics and machine operation skills.

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