Plastic chair moulding process


There is no doubt that at home, parks, beaches, compani […]

There is no doubt that at home, parks, beaches, companies, chairs are an essential piece of furniture. Plastic chairs are relatively light, easy to transport after stacking, and have high production efficiency, gradually replacing chairs of other materials. As a common household product, how to produce it? What is plastic chair moulding process? Here are the steps to make chairs by plastic chair mould:

Plastic chair mould design. Mengsheng's design team will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your needs and communicate with you. Determine the geometry, size and appearance of the plastic chair. Create a model of a plastic chair mould.
Plastic chair mould manufacture. Mengsheng's mould making team will use advanced equipment and technology to manufacture plastic chair mould for you. We will choose the right injection moulding machine to create an efficient plastic chair moulding line.
Close the chair mould, set the pressure, to start producing plastic chairs.
Injection. The injection speed is controlled by adjusting the injection pressure. You need to control the injection process for a certain period of time.
Maintain proper pressure and temperature to allow the plastic chair to be moulded better in the mould.
Cool and mould release.

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