Surface lettering for injection mold manufacturing


If you want the appearance of plastic parts to be more […]

If you want the appearance of plastic parts to be more beautiful, it is necessary to add words and patterns on the surface of plastic parts. The common processing methods are silk screen printing and lettering in injection mold cavity. So how to carry out lettering in injection mold manufacturing?
1) It is engraved on the injection mold by engraving machine. This processing method is usually used in the case of large fonts or patterns. However, the font directly engraved by the engraving machine usually leaves knife lines on the surface, which requires additional polishing of the injection mold.
2) Laser lettering. Traces are left on the injection mold by laser. This process is also called etching. The advantage of etching is that the processing speed is fast, but the disadvantages are also obvious, leaving traces of processing. Generally used in the ordinary small and medium-sized injection mold processing and manufacturing.
3) After the electrode is engraved, EDM is carried out. This processing method is to take a piece of electrode at the place where the font is to be processed, and then carve the electrode. After processing, the electrode is taken to the place where the spark machine is used for EDM. After completion, the desired font will be left on the surface of the injection mold.
The above three methods are commonly used for lettering in injection mold manufacturing plants. In practice, the appropriate processing method can be selected according to the actual situation.