What are the reasons for the difficult mold release of ordinary injection molds


After forming the injection mold, the plastic part is e […]

After forming the injection mold, the plastic part is ejected from the mold cavity. Regardless of using a single or multiple element ejection mechanism, the demolding work is usually completed at one time. However, sometimes due to the special shape of the injection molded parts or the needs of production automation, after the demolding work is completed, the plastic parts are still difficult to take out from the cavity or cannot fall off automatically. At this time, another demolding action must be added to manufacture the plastic part. The difficulty of demolding is mainly because the gate or plastic parts are tightly packed in the mold.

1. Equipment: Insufficient ejector power.

2. Mould (1) Unreasonable demoulding structure or improper position. (2) The draft angle is insufficient. (3) Mold temperature is too high or poor ventilation. (4) The runner wall or cavity surface is rough. (5) The nozzle does not meet the mold entrance or the nozzle diameter is larger than the entrance diameter.

3. Process (1) The temperature of the barrel is too high or the injection volume is too large. (2) The injection pressure is too high or the holding and cooling time is too long.

4. Raw material: insufficient lubricant.

The traditional demolding methods of injection mold forming parts are roughly divided into four types: push, push, pull and rotate. Now there is a latest demolding technology that can easily solve the demolding problem of injection molds. In the injection mold industry, there are many unsolvable problems, especially when various resin compounds are used for highly complex designs and high gloss surface treatments.

Nano-release coating can form a coating on the surface of injection molds, and even on the surface of injection mold parts, which can significantly reduce the friction coefficient of these surfaces, and can obtain high gloss without using a release agent Degree of processing surface. Use traditional mold release agents. The design and plastic mixture used make machines/tools downtime for long periods of time for maintenance, leading to critical conditions of low productivity and economic infeasibility. Nano anti-stick coating can also extend uninterrupted production time and significantly reduce machine/tool maintenance downtime. Maximize the efficiency and role of injection mold production, and reduce waste. Nano release coating not only improves the smoothness and precision of the injection mold surface, but also greatly improves the productivity of the injection mold manufacturing industry!