What are the types of pet toys?


The types of pet toys are mainly solitary toys and inte […]

The types of pet toys are mainly solitary toys and interactive toys. Solitude toy, as the name suggests, is a pet toy that can't accompany the dog for a long time and the pet owner chooses for the dog. It is mainly to relieve the dog's separation anxiety, depression and restlessness caused by long-term solitude. This is also a pet toy that is developing rapidly and more acceptable to pet owners. Different from the solitary toys in pet dog toys, interactive toys need auxiliary dog toys, such as Frisbee, which are used by pet owners and dogs to play together.
Due to the rise of solitude toys in China, and now there are more and more people caring for office workers, there is a greater demand for solitude toys in dog toys. The following are the specific categories of solitude toys: 1. Educational toys, such as star snacks ring hundred, dogs will maintain brain activity in the process of exploration, so as to achieve the effect of developing dog intelligence. 2. The grinding toy can relieve the discomfort of the dog's gums in the process of long tooth replacement 3. Biting the toy can help relieve the dog's mood. In the process of selection, you can choose toys with irregular appearance, such as concave convex balls.
When selecting pet toys, we should choose according to the actual situation of the pet dog. For example, office workers can't spend a lot of time with the dog. They can give priority to the toy alone.