What is a laminated mold?


The cavity of the laminated die is distributed on two o […]

The cavity of the laminated die is distributed on two or more layers and arranged in an overlapping manner. Simply put, the laminated mold is equivalent to stacking multiple single-layer molds together and installing them on one injection molding machine for injection production. Therefore, without increasing the size or tonnage of plastic injection molding machine, the number of parts produced by laminated mold is twice that of single-layer mold. The production of three-stage and four-stage laminated dies is three times or four times respectively.

Most laminated molds have the same number of cavities on each side or parting surface of the mold, but they can also have different cavities on each parting surface of the mold, so that each injection produces a series of parts, each of which has different shape and size.

The use of laminated die improves the forming efficiency and reduces the cost of the whole part. It is often used in forming large flat products, small multi cavity thin-walled products and products requiring mass production.