Injection molds are different from other processing technologies


Injection mold is a technical job and is different from […]

Injection mold is a technical job and is different from other processing technologies. When using injection molding technology, different materials must be selected according to different molds and different injection molding processes must be used. This is the difference of injection molds. Characteristics and molds have different regulations.

1. With the emergence of high-speed molding machinery and equipment, the production speed of plastic products has accelerated. Since the temperature of the injection mold is usually between 165-300°C, some parts have poor fluidity and the injection molding speed is fast, so that the forming environment temperature of some parts of the mold exceeds 350°C in a short time. When the working temperature of the abrasive tool is high, the strength and compressive strength of the mold will decrease, resulting in initial damage or plastic deformation failure of the abrasive tool. In order to ensure the precision and fine deformation of the abrasive tool in use, the mold steel must have high temperature resistance. In order to lower the temperature, the die steel must have good heat transfer performance and a low coefficient of linear expansion.

2. Abrasives with sufficient temperature at most working standard working temperatures are extreme, and often bear some large loads, which may cause brittle fracture. Extrusion working pressure is generally 12-45MPa. Therefore, when the mold parts are to avoid sudden brittleness of work, the grinding wheel has high compressive strength and ductility.

3. The performance of wear-resistant materials and the consequent increase in the expansion of the main research uses of plastic products companies, it is necessary to add inorganic materials such as glass fiber to the plastics to improve the plastic deformation of the products, because the addition of food additives makes the plastics Circulation is greatly reduced, causing damage to the abrasives, so the abrasives are required to have an excellent wear resistance.

4. Adding anti-corrosion flame retardant in the whole process of forming ABS and similar polyepoxy resin will release vapor etching, sometimes rust in the grindstone and destroy the air flow at the intersection, it is excellent for the predetermined mold steel Corrosion resistance.

5. Excellent drilling production with processing technical characteristics and subsequent substitution of imported products for plastic products. It looks complicated and precise. It stipulates that abrasive steels have excellent processing quality characteristics of drilling production enterprises. During the whole drilling process Cold work hardening is small. In order to prevent the deformation of the abrasive tool from jeopardizing the precision, it is expected that the internal stress of social production and processing can be manipulated to a certain limit.