• Auto Parts Mould

    Auto Parts Mould

    Creating automobile parts using plastics can save energy and reduce the weight of the car. Plastics also provide a great deal of flexibility for designing a car.Injection molding is a highly repeatable process. It is a popular manufacturing process that is used by automotive manufacturers. It is com... read more

    Dec 01,2022 News
  • Using a Chair Mould to Make a Chair

    Using a Chair Mould to Make a Chair

    Using a chair mould can create an attractive and durable chair. However, there are several factors to consider when designing your chair mould. The design must take into account the size, shape and weight of your chair. You also need to consider the process and equipment used to make the mould. Plas... read more

    Nov 25,2022 News
  • Choosing the Right Auto Parts Mould

    Choosing the Right Auto Parts Mould

    Using plastics to produce auto parts has become increasingly popular. These days, about 20% of the dry mass of a vehicle is made up of plastic. It is also possible to create lightweight auto parts with various injection molding processes. Plastic components are often used in a variety of application... read more

    Nov 18,2022 News
  • Injection Mold Structural Parts

    Injection Mold Structural Parts

    It refers to various parts that make up the mold structure, including: guiding, demoulding, core pulling and parting various parts. Such as front and rear splints, front and rear buckle templates, bearing plates, bearing columns, guide columns, stripping plates, stripping rods and return rods, etc. ... read more

    Nov 11,2022 News
  • What are the structural components of the injection mold?

    What are the structural components of the injection mold?

    Although the structure of the mold may vary greatly due to different types and properties of plastics, shapes and structures of plastic products, and types of injection machines, the basic structure is the same. The mold is mainly composed of gating system, temperature regulating system, molding par... read more

    Nov 04,2022 News