The world's largest home appliance mould producer-China


At present, as the world's largest home appliance produ […]

At present, as the world's largest home appliance producer, China's production scale is still expanding, making the home appliance industry a huge demand for bulk raw materials. A market survey shows that the processing of a large number of metal parts and plastic parts used in household appliances in my country has a huge demand for machine tools and molds. At the same time, a large number of boards and sheets used in household appliances have special requirements for the machine tool industry, that is, large volume and high speed.

Various CNC punching machines are one of the most important machine tools for processing in the household appliance industry. At present, many users tend to use CNC composite punching and shearing machines (which can form a CNC punching and shearing composite flexible processing line), but the market for CNC punching and shearing machines is still very large, mainly used for plate punching with various sizes and specifications. It has a wide market in the processing industry of large electrical control cabinets, and can also be used for the processing of other large-scale plate stampings.

The CNC punching and shearing compound machine can complete the punching, forming and shearing of the sheet material at one time, and is especially suitable for the processing of sheet metal parts with subsequent bending processes. Multiple processes share a set of numerical control system, hydraulic system and feeding manipulator. Compared with the single machine connection of numerical control punching and angle shearing machine, it can not only reduce equipment investment, save floor space, and reduce failure rate, but also can be used as a host to form a punching and shearing compound. Flexible processing line.

Various small electronic parts are widely used in household appliances. The processing needs of these small electronic parts have promoted the development of high-precision, high-efficiency high-speed presses. Presses are widely used in the electronics and microelectronics industries, which have comprehensively improved the level of technical equipment in the industry and replaced a large number of imported machine tools.

        The home appliance industry not only needs various processing machine tools and stamping dies, but also a large number of plastic parts that need corresponding injection molds. For example, a refrigerator needs about 350 molds; a fully automatic washing machine needs about 200 molds; an air conditioner only needs about 20 plastic molds; a single color TV needs about 140 molds. With the fierce competition in the home appliance market, the shell design has become an important part, and new requirements have been put forward for the color, feel, precision and wall thickness of the home appliance shell, and there is a great demand for new molds. The rapid development of the mold industry also drives the demand for various machining centers and advanced machining machines.