There are so many types of cat litter boxes, how should we choose?


First of all, according to my understanding, I divided […]

First of all, according to my understanding, I divided the existing cat litter boxes on the market into the following categories according to the dimensions of material, structure, and usage:

① According to the material, it is divided into: PP plastic (generally used in cat litter boxes), followed by stainless steel, Oxford cloth (generally portable and foldable), cardboard (generally disposable);
② According to the structure, it is divided into: open type (that is, there is generally only one basin at the bottom, without any top cover), semi-closed type (with cover, top or side exit), closed type (the exit is generally covered by a door, and has a pull-out type) drawer structure), etc.;
③ According to the way of use, it is divided into: manual type; electric type.
Next, I will talk about the characteristics of the corresponding cat litter box in turn according to the above dimensions:

1. Material (from my point of view, I prefer PP plastic cat litter box, the best price/performance ratio):

①PP plastic:

Advantages: Most cat litter boxes use materials and various styles, ranging from a few yuan at a low price to high-end products of thousands of yuan, basically meeting the needs of the existing cat litter box market; durable, not easy to corrode, and the best choice in terms of cost performance;

Disadvantages: The product or the corresponding mold is immature and prone to burrs and burrs; if the wall thickness is too thin, it is easy to cause slight deformation; when it is used accidentally, it may be damaged or even broken (in extreme cases). These shortcomings can be found online When purchasing a product, look at netizens’ comments in the corresponding store to avoid it, so I won’t go into details here;

②Stainless steel cat litter box:

Advantages: The biggest feature is durability. Except for bumping and deformation, there is basically no major damage, but it is also slightly deformed, which generally does not affect the use.

Disadvantages: The style is single, generally open, and the price is more expensive than the PP plastic model of the same specification; pay attention to the surface coating, if the product coating is not good enough, after a long time of use, there may be rust problems;
2. Structure (from my point of view, I prefer a closed cat litter box):

①Open cat litter box:

Advantages: The biggest advantage is that the price is low, and it can meet the needs of cats to go to the toilet, the manual shovel is convenient, and the cats are easy to access; cost-effective;

Disadvantages: does not block the smell; due to the lack of cover, the cat litter is prone to splash when the cat buries, and the cat is easy to bring out the cat litter; very few cats may urinate out of the litter box;

②Semi-closed cat litter box:

Advantages: It can block certain odors; it can alleviate the problem of cat litter splashing and cat litter; some are novel and beautiful;

Disadvantages: limited space, the shovel is not as convenient as the open type; if the outlet is at the top, it is inconvenient for old cats or kittens to enter and exit; some models are relatively expensive.