What effect will the mold temperature have on the product during injection molding?


The injection mold temperature machine is used to contr […]

The injection mold temperature machine is used to control the temperature of the injection molding machine mold and heat the oil or water to the temperature required for product molding.
Plastics have no physical properties of heat shrinkage and cold shrinkage. During the molding process, products often see some defects such as shrinkage, bubbles, cracks, deformation, cracks, poor brightness, unevenness, and flaws, which constitute the most important symptoms of those defects. The reason is that the mold temperature is not appropriate before the product is unmolded, and the mold temperature cannot reach the molding temperature of the product during molding.

Engineering plastics such as PC, PA, PBT, etc. have relatively high temperature requirements. The heat of the injection molding machine itself cannot meet the necessary optimal temperature outside the molding process, and the injection mold temperature function can quickly increase the temperature of the mold, and can adjust the temperature according to the original material. The required temperature can be adjusted freely and the temperature stability of the mold can be guaranteed to reduce the occurrence of defective products.
Injection mold temperature machine
Keep the mold temperature in the best state, the mold will not overheat and stick to the mold, improve the dimensional accuracy and surface finish of the injection molded parts, prevent the injection parts from shrinking and cause cracks, and can also better produce thin-walled injection molded parts.
The effect of the mold temperature machine is to heat the mold and maintain its working temperature to ensure the quality of the injection molded parts and shorten the production cycle. In the injection molding industry, the mold temperature machine plays a decisive role in the quality and injection cycle of the injection molded parts.