What should be paid attention to in injection mold processing?


In the mold, the micro injection mold of precision mold […]

In the mold, the micro injection mold of precision mold processing equipment is far higher than the traditional injection mold molding: injection mold generally has two trends in mold processing: one is to use mirror spark machining to ensure high precision of precision mold processing, and graphite electrode should be used for EDM, because the loss of graphite electrode is far less than that of common copper electrode. The other method is to use electric coating, choose electroforming technology to ensure very high precision, but the defect is the length of the processing cycle, and each point should be injection molding, and there are subtle damage in the production, which can not be corrected, only replace the damaged mold.
In the mold, mold temperature is also a very important parameter of micro injection molding.

In the face of high-end demand, the current comparative practice is to borrow the concept of high gloss injection molding, introduce rapid heating and cooling system: in theory, high temperature temperature injection mold is very useful to avoid thin-wall filling, but excessive mold temperature will bring new problems, reduce deformation, shorten, etc., so it is appropriate to introduce a new mold temperature control system.

In the injection molding process, the mold temperature can be advanced (can exceed the melting point of the plastic used), so that the melt can quickly complete the cavity, avoiding the temperature drop during the filling process. Too fast and incomplete filling; when removed, the mold temperature will decrease, keeping slightly lower than the plastic hot deformation temperature, and then open the top. In addition, as micro injection molding is the quality of Millennium material products. As long as less than 10% of the material is injected into the injection molding product, there are many casting systems, so it is possible to choose the injection mold to use the casting system.