Choose between open or closed litter boxes


The advantage of the open cat litter box is that the ca […]

The advantage of the open cat litter box is that the cat is more acceptable, the cat is more convenient to enter and exit, and the shovel officer is also super convenient for shoveling and cleaning. After pooping, the whole house is smelly, and it is easy to carry sand. The cat can come out from any direction. If the cat litter is accidentally brought to every corner of the house, it is easy to overturn. If a kitten does not step on it firmly, the cat litter box may be damaged. flipped. The advantages of closed cat litter boxes are that they can isolate odors and have good privacy. Some closed cat litter boxes with special functions can also solve the problem of sand-carrying well, such as long passages and top entry. But there are also disadvantages: shoveling and cleaning are relatively troublesome, and the cover needs to be removed. The sanding problem still exists, but it will be slightly better. Which one you choose depends on what your cat prefers. After all, if the cat doesn't like the toilet, it will be troublesome to urinate or even urinate!