Difference between metal mold and plastic mold


1. Hardware mold is a kind of special tool installed on […]

1. Hardware mold is a kind of special tool installed on the press and used in industrial production to make metal materials into parts or products of required shape through pressure. This kind of special tool is called hardware mold.
2. Plastic mold a combined plastic mold used for pressing, extrusion, injection, blow molding and low foaming molding, which mainly consists of a combined base plate of a die, a die component and a combined card plate of a die with a variable shape
The concave die of the cavity is a convex die with a variable core, which is composed of a convex die combination base plate, a convex die assembly, a convex die combination clamp plate, a cavity cutting assembly and a side cutting combination plate. Coordinate change of punch, die and auxiliary forming system. It can process series plastic parts of different shapes and sizes. The composition of plastics we usually use is not a pure substance, it is made of many materials. Polymer (or synthetic resin) is the main component of plastics.