How is the electronic product shell mold made?


In our daily life, electronic products are indispensabl […]

In our daily life, electronic products are indispensable, such as printers, telephones and so on. Do you know how these beautiful shell shapes are made?
In fact, these electronic product shells are made by injection molding process, but before injection molding, we need to use the tool for manufacturing electronic product shell mold. This mold manufacturing has a lot of attention! Please listen to me.
3D drawings of products are essential for customized mold opening. In general, they are provided by the customer. If customers don't have paper, they can also ask industrial product design companies to help design. After mastering the main content, the following is the main processing process of injection mold factory.
Electronic product shell mold factory generally requires mold engineers to be particularly high, because engineers are the foundation for the quality of electronic product shell mold. For product quality, set up reasonable structure and use reasonable material for mould. Only in this way, we can complete a set of mold, so that the future production can be more smoothly completed, and can design a mold that can produce high-quality products! No worries.
The quality of the electronic product shell mold, the quality of the mold determines the quality of the product, and the mold is the parent of the product. For example, if there are batch peaks and burrs on the product, the repair time will be much longer. But if the mold can eliminate quality problems, it can improve productivity and save labor. Therefore, the quality of the mold is very important.