How to make a chair mould?


There are many types of chairs on the market, which are […]

There are many types of chairs on the market, which are mainly divided into wood, cloth, plastic, glass, and metal according to the material. Taking into account the principles of practical economy, etc., tables of different materials have certain limitations in the field of use. This article summarizes several points of attention for making plastic chair molds.

To make a good chair mold, first of all, you must first choose a good mold company, many companies can make chair molds. However, to make a good chair mold, you still need some selection conditions. The scale equipment of the mold company, the experience of the technical staff, and the ability to respond to unexpected situations are all manifestations of the strength of the mold company.

The second is the quality requirements, that is, the life of the mold. A good set of molds can produce millions of sets of molds, and some dozens of sets of product molds need to be repaired. The life of the mold should be determined according to its own production capacity. The life of the mold is closely related to the hardness of the steel. The hardness of the chair mold must be at least HRC33. In order to control the cost, it is generally enough to use P20 material for about 500,000 molds, and the cost of better steel materials should be increased a lot.

There is also a question of the style of the chair. Some customers need to make many kinds of chair molds. Among them, the same pattern but different patterns do not need to open a lot of molds. In this case, you only need to open a set of molds. Yes, the finished inserts can be used for interchange.