The mold manufacturer introduces how to control the cost of mold production


1. Whether the product design can be reasonable and how […]

1. Whether the product design can be reasonable and how to develop has become a very important factor affecting the cost of the mold. If the product structure design is unreasonable, it is a very bad situation for mold companies. Make the designed products suitable for mold engineering as much as possible, and do not increase the difficulty and cost of mold production.
2. The product design changes the mold. Mold manufacturers often encounter such a situation. In a project, the mold has just been designed and the mold base has just been ordered, and the customer’s design change notification will come. If it is a small change, it does not affect the overall structure of the mold. of. Sometimes the changes are severe, the shape of the product changes, and even the mold frame needs to be reordered. The cost will increase greatly. Therefore, design changes should be minimized.

3. Whether the mold design is perfect, the rationality and machinability of the mold design, there are many simulation methods, such as mold flow analysis, mold structure dynamic analysis, three-dimensional comparison analysis of trial products and designed products, etc., which can control the unreasonable mold design. The cost continues to increase.
4. Control the number of mold trials. Many mold manufacturers calculate the mold processing fee from the number of days after the order is received and the mold is sent to the customer. If the mold cannot be delivered after many tests, in addition to the fines stipulated in the contract, the more days the mold stays in the factory, the higher the processing fee. Of course, the cost of mold trial is relatively high.